giovedì 20 ottobre 2011

Puntata del 20.10.2011

Zen Circus - l'amorale
Cyber Society - another world
Hotel Chevalier - trota
love selection
Audiogold - you and i
Stereo Mc's feat Jamie Callum - boy
Ok Go - here it goes again (live)
Noah & The Whale - give it all back
Girls - just a song
Screaming Trees - anita grey
Thee Piatcions - time
Allison Run - smooth dog
Superheavy - energy
Foo Fighters - these days
Black Mountain - go to california
Led Zeppelin - going to california
Fleet Foxes - bedroom dress
Buffalo Tom - miss barren brooks
A Toys Orchestra - midnight revolution
Brian Wilson - surf's up
The Beatles - nowhere man

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