giovedì 10 novembre 2011

Puntata del 07.11.2011

The Peawees - food for my soul
The Sick Rose - putting me down
Florence & The Machine - breaking down
Noel Gallagher - the death of you and me
A Toys Orchestra - midnight revolution
2 a.m. - love me and leave me
Cherry Lips - my satellite
A. Baraldi & M. Zanboni - del mondo
Claudio Rocchi - eccoti qui
Umberto Palazzo - terzetto nella nebbia
Giancarlo Frigeri - controesodo
Tom Waits - kiss me
Bonnie Prince Billy - black captain
Jeff Buckley - hallelujah
Eddie Vedder - longing to belong
Nick Drake - time has told me
The Decemberists - foregone
The Walkabouts - feel like going home

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