sabato 31 dicembre 2011

playlist del 02.12.2011

Cloud Nothings - no future no past
Lewis Floyd Henry - rickety  ol' rollercoaster
Circo Fantasma - when the pope goes to avignon
Tom Waits - face to the highwa
Missincat - the house by the river
She keep Bees - calm walk in the dark
Josh T Pearson - drive her out
Gionata Mirai - 1
Musica Da Cucina - tanta neve piedi freddi
Alos? & X.Iriondo - the clouds
Death Cat In A Bag – a rose & a knife
M83 - midnight city
Madina Lake - hey superstar
King Mob - selene selene
Sep7ember - i hate ny
Thee Piatcions - singapore mon amour
The Jackie-O's Farm - warren
The Peawees - need a reason
Don Turbolento - what i can
Laser Geyser - innerself surgery

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