lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

Puntata del 09.01.2012

The Doors - she smell son nice
Circo Fantasma - when i cross the line
Mark Lanegan - the graveddiger's song
Arcade Fire - speaking in toungues
Dan Mangan - oh fortune
El Santo Nada - viva la revolucion
Mosquitos - love vs haze
Guided By Voices - laundry & losers
A Toys Orchestra - noir dance
Okkervill - River - u.f.o.
Galapaghost - never heard nothin'
Caveman - old friend
Cass McCombs - the same thing
J. Mascis - several shades of why
Black Banana - in the mood
King Mastino - slow down
Dome La Muerte & The Diggers - black moon
Loose - jerktown blues
Radio Birdman - rock bottom
The Sick Rose - before you go
Caroline & The treads - bad boyfriend
The Strange Flowers - shampoo girls
Technicolour Dream - early morning

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