mercoledì 18 gennaio 2012

Puntata del 18.01.2012

The Shins - simple song
A Toys Orchestra - lotus
Snow Patrol - a called out in the dark
Arcade Fire - ready to start
Guided By Voices - god loves us
Alexis Gideon - skyrock
The Black keys - lonely boy
Kamikaze Queens - tastee 29
Caroline & The Treats - let's get dirty
Loose - death won't kill me
Intervista a Nicola Cereda (Circo Fantasma)
Podcast prima parte
Podcast seconda parte
Podcast terza parte
Circo Fantasma - shooting star
Circo Fantasma - when the pope goes to avignon
Circo Fantasma - where the rivers end
Circo Fantasma - carry home
Circo Fantasma - the garden
Circo Fantasma - the ghost in me
Mark Lanegan - burning jacob's ladder
Sara Lov - papa was a rodeo

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