martedì 31 gennaio 2012

Puntata del 31.01.2012

Colapesce - satellite
Calibro 35 - uh ah br
Mezzala - ch fine faremo (taric1 rmx)
Fine Before You Came - magone
Bud Spencer Blues Explosion - cerco il tuo soffio
Hot Gossip - what is love
Carver - coppa del mondo
Dirtsonic - materiale infiammabile
The White Mega Giant - polaris
Above The Tree & The E-Side - on the road
Black Banana - in the mood
Loose - nothin' in return
Kakkole Esilaranti - wake fuckin' up
Meat For Dogs - power punk
Kamikaze Queens - snagged on my stiletto
Dome La Muerte & The Diggers - session man
The Sick Rose - before you go
The Peawees - memories are gone
The Strange Flowers - shampo girls
Technicolour Dream - happy to you know

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