martedì 6 marzo 2012

Puntata del 22.02.2012

T.Nordgarden - you gotta get ready
Movie Star Junkies - son of the dust
The Boxer Rebellion - enjoy the silence (live)
A Toys Orchestra - midnight revolution
Tack At - jacques le noir
Sycamore Age - something
Low Fi - something
Tying Tiffany - drownin
Visioni di Cody - la flemma di Piero
A Come Andromeda - il pastrano nero
Leo Pari - piume di drago
Colapesce - un giorno di festa
Bungalow 62 - browns focus
Grimoon - souvenirs
2Pingeons - seven steps
Mark Lanegan Band - ode to sad disco
Band Of Skulls - sweet sour
Motorpsycho - the hollow lands
Caroline & The Treats - knockout wood
Shearwater - you as you  where
Memoryhouse - the kids were wrong

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