martedì 6 marzo 2012

Puntata del 23.02.2012

A Classic Education - billy's gang dream
Mail and Chocolate - chocolate girl
Carver - propaganda (the long dubstep remix)
2Pingeons - 9mm parabellum
intervista a Vito Indolfo (A Come Andromeda)
A Come Andromeda - a come andromeda
A Come Andromeda - il pastrano nero
A Come Andromeda - skizofonia
Mezzala - che fine faremo
Marta Sui Tubi - camerieri
The Singers - megaton
Bruce Springsteen - we take care of our own
Jeff Cascaro - roots
Lewis Floyd Henry  - sacred garden 
Circo Fantasma - the road of broken dreams
Movie Star Junkies - these woods have ears
Hunx - always forever
Mosquitos - i wanna be you
Sycamore Age - at the biggest tree
Gianfranco De franco - pensiero segnato

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