martedì 7 gennaio 2014

Puntata del 07.01.2014

Cheap Wine – based on lies
Bruce Springsteen – the ghost of tom joad
Stephen Malkimus & The Jicks – surreal teenagers
Drifting Mines – spitfire boogie
The Bidons – hell yeah
The Sensibles – pictures in my head
Rubbish Factory – save me
Drive By Truckers – whw he's gone
Cleo T. -little girl lost
The Notwist – close to the glass
Toy – as we turn
Anhima – orgoglio punk
Bad Religion – true north
The Fleshtones – remeber the ramones
Pearl Jam – infallible
The Shins – australia (live)
Bachi Da Pietra – la pirateria ci salverà
Arm on Stage – alive
Spasulati – motra jone
Misere de la Philosophie - maelzel

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