giovedì 2 gennaio 2014

Puntata del 30.12.2013

The Shins – phantomb limb
Dream Boys – sometimes
Johnny Marr – new town velocity
Sharewater – natural one
The Rain Band – fire
Heaven's Basement – i'm electric
Pearl Jam – mind your manners
Bad Religion – o come all yet faithful
The Hussy – zummer
The Sck Rose – love, can't get enogh
Hobocombo – baltic dance
Montuak – il bruco
Yumma Re – let's spank politics
Monsieur Voltaire – emily
Saluti da Saturno – dancing polonia
The Clash – police & thieves
Driftin Mines – like a driftin' mine
The Dirtbombs – we come in the sunshine
Deer Tick – the rock
Pond – o dharma
The Flaming Lips – try to explain

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