martedì 29 novembre 2011

Puntata del 25.11.2011

Tom Waits - bad as me
M83 - midnight city
Madina Lake - hey superstar
King Mob - selene selene
Sep7ember - i hate ny
Thee Piatcions - singapore mon amour
The Jackie-O's Farm - warren
The Peawees - need a reason
Don Turbolento - what i can
Laser Geyser - innerself surgery
Long Hair In Three Stages - nightfall
Musica Da Cucina - lungo il mira
Es - air guitar
Dellera - il motivo di sima
She and Him - rockin' around the christmas tree
The Decemberists - e watson
Bonnie Prince Billy - we are unhappy
Flogging Molly - saints & sinners
Nightwish - storytime
The Beets - doing as i do
Caveman - thankful
Desert Motel - valentine's gone

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