mercoledì 2 novembre 2011

Puntata del 31.10.2011

Dream Syndicate - halloween
Siouxie & The Banshees - halloween
The Cramps - i was a teenage warewolf
The Seers - welcom to dead town
The Hellacopters - welcome to hell
Swervedriver - las train to satansville
Hotel Chevalier - sono alternativo
Cyber Society - free tibet
Tom Waits - chicago
Bonnie Price Billy - time to be clear
The Decemberists - e. watson
Noel Gallagher - record machine
Real Estate - 
Bud Spencer Blues Explosion - cerco il tuo soffio
Marta Sui Tubi - cromatica
Zen Circus - l'amorale
A Toys Orchestra - midnight revolution
Cherry Lips - go home
The Rock 'n' Roll Kamikazes - lost in austin
Leadfinger - we make the music
Dum Dum Girls - bedroom eyes
Gem Club - breakers
Screaming Trees - crawlspace

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