sabato 31 dicembre 2011

Puntata del 22.12.2011

Technicolour Dream - the spell is over
The Peawees - danger
Kamikaze Queens - automatic love
Rock'n'Roll Kamikazes - good man
Leadfinger - we make the music
Ants Army Project - gin+tonic love
Gary Wright - under your spell
Urge Overkill - end of story
Wakey! Wakey! - light outside
Rachel Sage - brave mistake
The Singer - dance! dance! dance! (hit the floor)
News For Lulu - my home is my head
2 a.m. - a new day
Wolfgang Shock - loop day
Legittimo Brigantaggio - l'attimo ideale
Andrea Cola - se io, tra voi
Vittorio Cane - a milano
Giancarlo Frigeri - la madonna del cavalcavia
lincompreso - l'economia di un'esistenza
Don Turbolento - sms in a bottle
Kisses From Mars - wor(l)ds
Slow Motion Genocide - deep needles

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