mercoledì 18 dicembre 2013

Puntata del 18.12.2013

The Rolling Stones – brown sugar
R.E.M. - near wild heaven
The Bernard Lakes – satires
Arcade Fire – one person
Kurt Vile – feel my pain
Anna Calvi – piece by piece
Beatrice Antolini – pinebrain
The Strypes – she's so fine
The Bidons – i don't mind
The Sick Rose – love can't get enogh
Oblivians – come a little closer
The Peawees – memories are gone
Savages – dead nature
The Clash – lover's rock
Paaolo Cattaneo – bianco natale
Arm On Stage – april song
Green Like July – agatha of sicily
The Anthony's vinyls – running man
The Zen Circus - viva
Santo Niente - cristo nel cemento

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