martedì 21 gennaio 2014

Puntata del 21.01.2013

Diftring Mines – spitfire boogie
The Bidons – grinning feeling
The Fleshtones – remember the ramones
The Ramones – i remeber you
Bad Religion – changing tide
The Clash – carrer opportunities
Misere de la Philosophie – bobok
No Strange – cascate di luce
Nut – the return
Egokid – il re muore
The Niro – 1969
Arm On Stage – the second man on the moon
The Notwist – kong
Arcade Fire – sleepwalker
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra - take away these early grave blues
Pontiak – lack lustre rush
Fiberglass – sunflower
Liprando – cosa rimane
Tintinette Swing Orchestra – summertime
Chris Read – the magic is gone
Amir Issaa- guerrieri
Claras Fly – la mia scuola

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