lunedì 10 ottobre 2011

Puntata del 10.10.2011

Weezer - buddy holly
Manna feat. Mark Lanegan - wishing well
Wilco - born alone
Dum Dum Girls - bedroom eye
Kira Grannis - heart and mind
She Keep Bees - calm walk in the dark
Cat's Eyes - best person i know
Audiogold - you and i
99 Posse - cattivi guagliuni
Assalti Frontali - profondo rosso
Lemmings - grune lunie
Three In One Gentleman Suit - in the neighborhood
Zabriskie - real me
A Toys Orchestra - midnight revolution
Blessed Child Opera - ruby light
Dome La Muerte - renegade song
Pineda - touch me
Polinski - tangents
Reigns - they likes to sleep soft
Jen Kearney - pick yoursel up
Tinariwen - dieredjere
Arrington De Dionisyo - bianglala

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