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Live Report (ENG) - Radio Birdman@Alchemica Music Club, Bologna, Italy - 2015.07.04

copyright Marianna Sposato
Deniz Tek

Here! I couldn’t give another answer to their call: Radio Birdman live in Bologna for the last gig in their European Tour.
The long distance - ‘cause Calabria is far from anywhere - the asphyxiating temperature and the band weariness after a long tour could have led to a mild memory. 
But then I met Deniz Tek, just outside the club, and he told me: «We’re gonna make a great show for you tonight.».

copyright Marianna Sposato
Rob Younger

It’s 11:30 pm, the band on stage ready to start the fiery ritual of rock’n’roll. The first notes of Smith & Wesson Blues dispel any doubt: people who thought that, after the recent changes in the line-up without Masuak, Gilbert and Keeley, this are not “the real Birdman”, have to change their minds.

copyright Marianna Sposato
Nick Rieth
With an amazing set list, revolving around the band’s hi-energy rock’n’roll classics - despite the excellent exclusion of some of their all-time favorites (i.e. New Race) - this “not real Birdman” are certainly one of the best versions ever to a band which is a solid monument in rock history: Deniz Tek’s renewed guitar leading, Jim Dickson and Nick Reith giving a solid rhythmic groove to each song. 

copyright Marianna Sposato
Dave Kettley & Pip Hoyle

Pip Hoyle’s keyboards design psychedelic patterns through masterpieces such as Descent into the Maelstrom and Man with Golden Helmet. Dave Kettley honors Masuak’s legacy, his hammering drums supporting Rob Younger, celebrating his birthday with a still surprisingly powerful voice.
Temperature in the club literally arising as long as the show went on - Jim Dickson declaring: «We played like in a fish tank».

copyright Marianna Sposato
Deniz Tek
Eternal classics such as Do the Pop, Non Stop Girls, Murder City Nights alternate to the recent We’ve come so far (To be Here Today) and You Just Make It Worse, with the necessary pauses to dry instruments - and foreheads, without affecting the persistent show rhythm, which included a surprising Shot By Both Sides cover (originally by Magazine), becoming - as my friend Francesco said - a perfect aussie piece in the hands of Younger & co.A breathtaking gig, with Deniz Tek’s magic on the guitar, defined by Cico Casartelli as the Prince-Guitarist of Punk in his review of the show in Salsomaggiore.
A little tiredness kicks in the finally, but not at the expenses of music, as testified by a devastating version of TV Eye, Younger’s luciferine howl leading an energetic wave which is the essence of a lifestyle rather than just a musical genre.

Astounding. (Eliseno Sposato)

copyright Marianna Sposato
Deniz Tek
Smith and Wesson Blues
Do the Pop
Non Stop Girls
Descent into Maelstrom
You Just Make it Worse
Alone in the Endzone
Crying Sun
We've Comes So Far (to be here today)
Murder City Nights
Shot by Both Side ( Magazine)
Man With Golden Helmet
Dark Surprise
Burn My Eye
Anglo Girl Desire
TV Eye (The Stooges)
More Fun
Aloha Steve and Danno

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